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Katie Clarke Marketing nz
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Katie Clarke Marketing nz
Katie Clarke Marketing nz
What I am all about?

My passion for marketing starting when I was working at the popular tourist attraction Butterfly Creek, Auckland Airport. I was interested in how consumers responded to different types and channels of marketing, I saw results and I really enjoyed getting the brand out there, so much it prompted me to start studying marketing; In 2017 after the birth of my first child I started contracting and so KCM was born. In June 2019 I completed my Diploma in Marketing.

I love what I do because I enjoy seeing results and growth by guiding and showing my customers the little things that they didn't even think of. I work from home so my costs are lower than agencies, and I sure don't use fancy marketing terms - I speak to you on your level. My approach is direct and straight up, I definitely do not sugar coat things.


I have the passion and time for really getting to know people and their businesses, which is why I prefer to work face to face. I take the time to learn about the business, extract the good bits and focus on highlighting these to potential customers.

I have experience and knowledge with websites, Google, social media, print, design, IT, emails and general organisation in a business. In 2022 I became a Wix Partner.


My goal is to make your life easier!

A little about the KC

I was born and bred in Pukekohe and currently reside there. When I am not helping out businesses with their marketing, I like to bake, shop, travel, try new things, come up with new business ideas, explore and spend time with my family and friends. I am a Mum to two awesome little people that bring joy and love to me every day.

I am a strong believer in the law of attraction - believe it and it will happen!

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