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Not sure about me? Here is a wee snippet of what some of my clients have said about me and my work.....
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"I recently got Katie to overhaul my logo, create a brochure and fix my website. I have no idea about any of the above, but Katie made the process so easy. The little sunshine on her logo really does sum up Katie. Not only did she make the process easy for me, she gave me alternatives to consider. I asked a lot of questions and Katie was always willing to help.

Prior to getting Katie to help me, I was reluctant to direct potential clients to my website. But now I'm proud of it. Once I get a logo I loved I could get excited about my business again and now nothing is standing in my way of putting myself out there and getting new business. I would not hesitate to recommend Katie to anyone who needed any marketing help. She's amazing."

Anna Smith, AMSCA


"Katie was employed at Treasure Island Adventure Golf as our Marketing Manager and proved herself to be a major asset to our company during her time here.

We have enjoyed her fresh approach and innovative ideas which have enhanced the performance of our company. We are sure she will be a roaring success as a new business owner."

Sabina Mahoney, The Original Adventure Golf


"Katie was referred to me by another one of her very satisfied customers. I needed help with our website, and Katie has been amazing to say the least. After only a very short time she presented a brand new, very polished and beautiful looking, much better functioning website. Katie took the time to get to know me and my business as much as possible before she proceeded with the job. Her empathetic approach and excellent professional advise is second to none.


I felt understood and I gained a few valuable insights that I can now implement myself with more confidence in the field of Social Media Marketing, thanks to Katie’s help. My fabulous new website saw already an increase in customers, I couldn’t be happier. It was a great pleasure working with KC Marketing. I highly recommend KC Marketing. Thank you."

Zygana Sharman - Gabriely Zamany

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"Wow. Thank you Katie for my marketing plan and website review. The plan has been great and has allowed me to make lots of simple changes to my business and get results. Thanks for being so awesome. I look forward to working with you further in the future."

Cushla Geck - Active Osteopathy

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