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How is your website? I audit, meet, discuss, and make some recommendations!

My website audits perform a thorough check of your website, as if it was being viewed by a potential customer. It is always a good idea to get a fresh pair of eyes to view your website, so that is where I come in.


My direct and straight up approach will ensure you get an honest and direct report outlining my findings. The audit will identify errors/bugs, suggest better layouts, help with content suggestions, navigation and provide useful solutions to increase traffic and the overall customer experience when people visit your site. These are the areas I check:

  • Links

  • Grammar and spelling

  • Layout and design

  • Images and graphics

  • SEO

  • Booking system/contact forms

  • The entire customer's journey when they are on your site

  • Call to actions

  • Responsiveness

  • Flow and ease of use

Once I perform the audit, we meet and discuss the results. Then it is up to you whether you have the confidence to make the changes yourself, or get me to do it for you.

PRICE $840+gst

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